The dogs listed on this page are the ones responsible for the breeding program we have today. Without their influence we would not be who we are today.. Sadly some now gone, some retired from breeding but all have played an instrumental part in making us who we are .



OCV Clear hips
May 8, 1988 - Dec 24 2002

The dog who started it all ... Boscoe surpassed any expectation we had of this fabulous breed. Excelling in everything that was asked of him, you could count on nothing less than 120%. His fabulous temperament and superior work ethic can still be seen  generations down the road.. I always say his desire to please has been the secret to my dogs today..

Jade at 16 and I

Jade at 16 and I

OVC Clear hips
Feb 13, 1991 -  Oct 15, 2007

Jade was one of those dogs i will be truly grateful for for being able to share in her life. She excelled in every way and always gave more than was asked of her. She was my heart and soul and took me places i never dreamed i would go. I still see flashes of Jade now on down to great grandkids. I count my many blessings that day i went to look at pups with friends.. but was certain i did not want another one.... Jade had other ideas ...

Jute 14 1/2 and I

Jute 14 1/2 and I

OFA Good DNA CEA Normal
April 3, 1997 - Dec 17, 2011

Jute was the absolute best of both her parents and my heart dog.. She was destined to be my herding dog when the herding bug bit full force. She was a handy little dog who always got the job done. For some reason I just never got around to doing agility with her... She was very much like her father with that huge desire to please and pure joy for life. She left such a mark here and has left behind such a grand legacy of talented offspring..


OFA Excellent, DNA CEA Normal
Dec 11, 1998 - Aug 14, 2013

Score was the dog that introduced me to agility and the world to my kennel. The natural athletic ability and amazing acceleration she had was amazing. Oh what i would have given to know then what i know now... We bumbled our way thru and had a blast along the way. She was also a pretty handy herding dog and a super easy dog to run. She has always been so super biddable. Where she truly left her mark is in her offspring who all have that same acceleration and natural athletic ability. I can still spot a Score baby a mile away




Rival's Spur Of The Moment "Spur"
OFA Excellent DNA CEA Normal

Jan 13, 2002 - April 10 2016


Spur is our Score daughter we had no intention of keeping but in a Spur of The Moment decision she stayed. She desperately wants to be right and tries so hard to please but most of all prefers to be attached to me at all times. She has never met  stranger and thinks everyone is put here just to say hello to her !
Her offspring have proven to be very talented athletes


Picture 506.jpg

OFA Good, DNA CEA Normal
Feb 10, 2003 - Sept 30, 2018

Kesh is our Jute/Java daughter. She is very much like her father with that same goofy clownish personality and always the biggest smile on her face. A tiny bundle of fun she is super sweet and Always willing to work. Her pups have her same fabulous temperament and are just so easy to work with. They to are  extremely talented jumpers with HUGE desire to please.

Rival’s Vested Interest “Vesta"
OFA Good

Sept 28 2004- March 13 2014

Our Spur Stellar daughter. Truly my heart and soul and So dearly missed


Rival’s Carbon ‘Copy"
OFA Excellent DNA CEA Normal

I always said i would have given my eye teeth to have Score all over again… I truly got such a gift..
So alike in every way it was un canny..
She spent some time with Jenn Crank who also adored her.
Sadly we tragically lost Copy at 5 years old..
Gone far to soon she left us terribly heartbroken as we had such great plans for her .


Rival’s Mix It Up "Chai"
OFA good
June 6 2008

Chai a Kesh X Danger daughterwon me over even though i am not a smooth coat fan. Super sweet with such desire to please.


Imp. Jury
OFA good DNA CEA normal
Feb 17 2009

Jury was our first import from Kevin Evans. A ## MIrk Daughter i bought literally 3 seconds after seeing a pic of her at 16 weeks old.
Clownish amazing personality ..Never a dull moment with Jury


Rival’s Sorrel
OFA good DNA CEA Normal

Sorrel is our double Jade grand daughter. Out of Razzle a Score daughter and Divot a Jute son.
She only had 1 litter but all 4 turned out tremendously talented in their chosen paths.
Flynn who has sired a few litter for us is one of those 4

She now resides in Ottawa with Claire Gordon, is a handy flyball dog and a great skijoring partner