Rival's Vested Interest

 Sept 28, 2004- March 13 2014
OFA "Good", DNA CEA Normal, cerf clear


Vesta is our Spur/Stellar daughter. We were very fortunate that Stellar was home taking a break from his busy trial schedule just when Spur choose to come in heat. One of the results of this great breeding is this truly gifted special little dog. A double Jade great grand daughter she is just the type of dog I have strived to produce.

Her mental thought process continues to amaze me and the speed at which she picks things up is astounding.  She has be a joy to train and has taught me so much. To say I truly adore this dog would be putting it mildly.

She has had 1 litter and has certainly left her mark in those kids. They too are all simply amazing little athletes with brilliant minds.


It is with a very sad broken heart i must add that sadly we lost Vesta Far to young on March 13 2014. 
This dog was my heart and soul and is So very dearly missed..