Reidell Devil In Disguise "Senna"
Aug 1992 - March 2002

Senna was my introduction to Jack Russells and I will honestly say after her, I will never be without one !
I love this breed and all they have to offer. I was just lucky enough to get the perfect one. I keep breeding off her line as their temperament is simply the best !!


Reidell Rival  MAD
Feb 23, 1996 - Feb 8 2012
There is no other word that can best describe Rival other then a very gracious dog. She was undefeated in the JRTCC terrier trials the few years I trialed her in Racing, Go To Ground and Trailing and Locating. In agility she was a super easy dog to run who was so focused on me. Unlike most terriers temperament she had HUGE desire to please and was always extremely respectful. She could easily keep up to the borders with her long ground covering stride and given her choice would play frisbee till she died.


Sept 23. 1997- Sept 5 2014

Smudge Senna's daughter has been my little sidekick thru thick and thin. She simply has to go everywhere with me and must be as close as possible.. In true JR style. Smudge was to busy being cute and adorable to ever do any competition stuff. She was trained for agility but never competed
She is just well Smudge my right hand..



Rival's Lyra AD
April 15, 2006 
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Lyra is our Smudge/Rivet daughter. After unexpectedly loosing Senna was are very glad we bred Smudge one last time. She is a little bundle of fun with that same explosive personality. She is my little agility dog and a fabulous little bed warmer !