Rival's Carbon Copy

November 3, 2007- March 28,2013
OFA  "Excellent", DNA CEA normal, cerf clear


We Tragically lost Copy on March 28. It was truly devastating to loose her so young with such a brite future still ahead of her. Copy went off her food and dropped allot of weight overnight. She spent a few days at the vet on IVs trying to figure out what was wrong. It was decided that surgery was required to find out why her gut was so inflamed. As it turned out a piece of string or rope of some kind was stuck in her intestine and it was cutting into her. God only knows what it really was or just how long it was in there to do such damage. She made it thru surgery and we all were very hopeful.. but sadly at 12:30 at night i got the call that she had just passed away.

Such a heartbreak .......  and so very dearly missed.....


Copy was our last Score daughter and she truly lived up to her name in that she really is a "Carbon Copy" of her mother in every sense of the word. There have been times I need to hold her head back to figure out just which one it is who is snuggling up.  She has been such a blast to train with her never ending enthusiasm
 and pure zest for life.

She took time out to spend some time with Jenn Crank who has been trialing her this past year and is racking up the titles !!